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Keep ClutchCraft Alive!

ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Jul 15, 14
Please help save our server!  We do not have enough funding to keep going.  
The costs of the server are too much for Stryker to carry on his own.  

Please, Please, PLEASE help save our home.  
All amounts of donations are greatly appreciated!

If you wish to donate to the server, but don't want a rank, 
you can donate directly to on paypal. 
All donations go into the server fund.
Nightmare3777 May thy gods bless this beloved server
ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
We have 2 days to get $50 more to stay alive for another month.
Rock_Cam12 So how much do we still need to go? Ive been really busy lately so I'm sorry I haven't been on much. Once I get paypal i ...

August Monthly Voting Contest Results!

Stryker a
Stryker76 @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Sep 1, 14
Hello Players of Clutch,

We'd like to thank everyone for all of their votes this month!  It really does help the server get more exposure and more players joining.

Here are the top 10 non-staff voters this month :-

InvaderM - 98
tower_of_stars - 90
blaclalog - 82
R8ZOR - 80
VirFidelisCO16 - 74
elcapony - 59
live4more - 56
martamagnea - 50
WesTex1 - 44
Turtles43 - 44

According to, here are the winners for the month of August :- 

live4more           - 1 Month FREE Obsidian 
tower_of_stars   - 1 Month FREE Diamond
blaclalog            - 1 Month FREE Emerald

Voting is extremely important to ClutchCraft continuing on as a server we all love to play on.  Voting has been essentially cut in half, over the last 3 months.  We cannot survive like that, honestly.  I urge you to support us by voting as we all don't want this server to one day disappear.

Thanks again for continuing to play,


ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
Every vote counts, and they are very important to the server's survival. So thank you for all your constant support < ...


ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Jul 22, 14
Great job to everyone that participated in this contest!  
All of the awesome types of dream tree houses were wonderful to look at. 

Transcendence:  KayeKat
Colossal Builders:  Herobrine735, Hinklet202, Hotshot900
The Crying Creepers:  DOCTOR_WHO_ADICT, Gamerwolf360, martagamagnea, snowwhite369

Winnings will be given out when seen online. 
Please let LadyMaxxine know if you do not want your rank (because yours is higher).
Ranks are NOT transferable.
For any other questions, you may private message LadyMaxxine on the website.

WesTex1 WE should totally do a boat-building contest after this :3
KayeKat Shore thang Hero
Herobrine735 Can you show me your tree house when you're online Kaye?

Summer Event!

ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Jun 28, 14
Visit the Forums under Announcements for more information.

Summer Fun!

ladymaxx a
LadyMaxxine @ ClutchCraft SMP
posted Jun 19, 14
Contest information is available on the Forums under Announcements.
zebarnabe You guys show put a link to the Forums thread regarding the posts made in the front page.... really: http://clutchcraft. ...
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