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Maxxine's Birthday Event!

ladymaxx a posted Nov 12, 14

More information on this contest can be found in the Forum.
Herobrine735 Happy Birthday!
Dr_Octangonapus Is this because I started a cake revolution to overthrow the staff? (viva la revolution!)

Keep ClutchCraft Alive!

ladymaxx a posted Jul 15, 14
Please help save our server!  We do not have enough funding to keep going.  
The costs of the server are too much for Stryker to carry on his own.  

Please, Please, PLEASE help save our home.  
All amounts of donations are greatly appreciated!

If you wish to donate to the server, but don't want a rank, 
you can donate directly to on paypal. 
All donations go into the server fund.
calvinator42000 I know someone who is willing to invite people to this server. Very well know in gaming.
nunofrom2 If i got the obsidian rank what will happen because I wouldn't mind supporting the server or more
giblej22 I could help

Prizes will be given out to the winners when they are seen online.
/warp Halloween to see Fidelis Stars' build!
calvinator42000 In the picture who is that with the diamond sword?
VirFidelisCO16 "For those who dare to enter the town of weekooltune, be aware of the spirits. They are still waiting for their nex ...
Hello Players of Clutch,

We'd like to thank everyone for all of their votes this month!  It really does help the server get more exposure and more players joining.

Here are the top 10 non-staff voters this month :-

VirFidelisCO16 - 117
Dr_Octangonapus - 95
killall97 - 92
tower_of_stars - 82
PhillCarrone - 80
Imiptat - 75
Minecraft_Man86 - 75
TysonCandles - 59
Xx_Persephone_xX - 52
shihao21 - 50

According to, here are the winners for the month of September :- 

Dr_Octangonapus   - 1 Month FREE Obsidian 
killall97                    - 1 Month FREE Diamond
shihao21                 - 1 Month FREE Emerald

Voting is extremely important to ClutchCraft continuing on as a server we all love to play on.  Voting has been essentially cut in half, over the last 4 months.  We cannot survive like that, honestly.  I urge you to support us by voting as we all don't want this server to one day disappear.

Thanks again for continuing to play,


Hallowen Building Contest!

ladymaxx a posted Sep 29, 14

Please check the forums for more information.
Rock_Cam12 Epic picture xD, nice one Maxxine. ~Rocky