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Stryker a posted 12 hours ago

Unfortunately, our hosting providing is having some major issues affecting all of their clients, for the last couple of hours.

They hope to resolve it ASAP.


They are current still working on the issues in the Data Center that our servers are hosted in.  

I apologized for the these issues and I'm looking into alternative service providers.

Herobrine735 Oh no! I was so busy this week and today i was finally about to play for a while! It just has to be today doesn't it, t ...
MeggieMooMC Alright- hope to see the server up and running soon! C:
ArcoZ Is that why the server went down earlier this week too?

Sale Sale Sale!

ladymaxx a posted Tue at 21:52

For Easter, ClutchCraft is having a SALE on ALL Donator Ranks!
This sale START on Friday, April 18, 2014 and END on Sunday, April 20, 2014 (PST)
Don't forget to pick up your Donator Packages today, or gift one to someone you love!

ladymaxx a Sorry about that, everyone! The code is active now & it will be active till Monday! ...
Wolfie The code isn't working ...
Herobrine735 You all should've gotten Easter bunny skins or a texture pack that made helms look like bunny ears.

Easter Building Contest!

ladymaxx a posted Apr 11, 14
The battle grounds for the Easter Building Contest is complete, 
and it comes fully equipped with CREATIVE mode! 

Show us your building skills in our Easter Build Off!  
Build anything that comes to mind when you think of Easter.  
Bunny rabbits, yellow chicks, & colorful eggs are just some examples. 

Sign up with an Admin+ on your own, or with a team of up to 3 people. 
Once the teams are set, they are FINAL--so... NO switching mid competition.  

There are 24 plots available for participants.  
These plots will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.   So reserve your plot as soon as you can! 

Teams will be allowed at a MAXIMUM of 3 per plot.
Contest will end on Sunday, April 20, 2014 at MIDNIGHT (PST)
1.  MUST be Easter themed.
2.  MUST be SEXY! 
3.  NO inappropriate builds.  Breaking of this rule = IMMEDIATE disqualification for you and your team. 

1st Place:  Donator Rank, Money, OR Claim Blocks & Have your build featured at spawn!
2nd Place:  Donator Rank, Money, OR Claim Blocks, & 1 Special Easter Diamond Pick
3rd Place:  Donator Rank, Money, OR Claim Blocks, & 1 Special Easter Diamond Sword
***Prizes are going to be unique to the winner***

Find the plots at
/warp Easter 

We also understand that Easter is a religious holiday, and we are in no way pushing that on anyone.  This is merely for enjoyment and fun for everyone on the server to enjoy.
There are people that view this as a religious holiday, so please respect their religious beliefs :)

c4an7 second prize pickaxe: the Eggscavator ;)
Cᾶṝṃḭs Shouldda thought before I decided to build it by myself...
ladymaxx a 2 PLOTS LEFT!!!

April Fools! ;)

ladymaxx a posted Apr 1, 14

We're all villagers!  Our identities have been stolen from us!  Someone save ClutchCraft!
Oh well, Trade 5 Emeralds for some sparkly Diamond Armor? ;)

Nightmare3777 ~Neko hates this so called "Holiday" by the name of "April Fools Day" all it does is return memories ...
zebarnabe The sounds..... oh dear.... the sounds.....
Herobrine735 My sword looks like its going into my own throat almost... (Player In Diamond Armor Next To The Black Villager In The Mi ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

ladymaxx a posted Mar 17, 14

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, ClutchCraft is having an EVENT
All throughout today (March 17,2014), 
RANDOM people who are ONLINE will be 
chosen to participate in our St. Patrick's give away!  
Winners can either choose ONE chest at the Spawn Fountain, 
OR pick a number 1-5 when chosen by a Staff Member that is Admin+.

May the "Luck of the Irish" be with you all & have a SAFE and HAPPY St. Patrick's Day!

***ClutchCraft reminds you not to drink and drive***
dragondcd glad i got to participate and win some loot =D
AndrewH2525 Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Indigo are the primary rainbow colors, but the first 6 look better than tr ...
Herobrine735 Say... Don't rainbows have seven colors and not six?
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